Towards a Stronger Jordanian Workforce; Primus Launches Jordan Workforce Development Project Online

Towards a Stronger Jordanian Workforce; Primus Launches Jordan Workforce Development Project Online

Considering and addressing the workforce issues in Jordan, The Jordan Workforce Development Project (WFD) is one of the primary initiatives by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to address workforce issues in Jordan.  The goal of the Jordan WFD Project is to create a competitive, demand-driven workforce development system that leads to increased private sector employment, especially for women, youth and those living at or below the poverty line.

Primus, knowing that investing in the human workforce for Jordan, and especially for women, is a powerful multiplier effect that positively impacts all families and societies and therefore the economy in general, took part in WFD’ initiatives by designing and developing a content management system based bilingual website (Arabic and English), operating as an open door to a wide array of new opportunities and leads.

Crafting the path of success for Jordanian workforce, the website introduces WFD’s history, team and principles. Their products and services; ranging from financial services such as providing grants, to non-financial services like identifying opportunities for employment and to career guidance counseling distributed across different regions are also comprehensively detailed on the site.  

WFD assists people by providing a clearer path to jobs through more effective labor market information systems, career counseling, mentoring, out-reach and job placement.  Continuing this vision, and thanks to Primus’ carefully developed site using latest DNN technology, WFD is able, through an advanced and user-friendly administration site to update the channels and content of the website, making it more useful and efficient on the long run.

A number of dynamic components were also built and made controllable through the same administration site; a dynamic Media Center to include all WFD’s latest news, publications and information on latest events, a newsletter feature that sends WFD’s regular posts to interested users, and a Photo and Video Gallery to include all images and video to keep the readers entertained.

If you are interested in getting involved in this program, a chance has been opened for you to sign up through the Opportunities Page.
Would you like to know more about WFD? Please visit  and read all their success stories and accomplishments.


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